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Lussien Cristina is 44 years old but looks like a 20 years old just out of school, just as it must be a trainer wich is also the master of all the best fitboxe teachers in circulation.

In short, a fitness guru who teaches himself at age 21, when he is forced to leave the competition due to an accident in his arm with the bike.
At age 8 he discovered martial arts, at 12 he embraced the kick boxing and in 1995/96 he became regional champion F.I.A.M. and national champion in 1997/98 in his category, in 2004 he was a gold glove.


He studied physical education in the medical faculty of the University of Catania, graduating with 110 cum laude, specializing as an athletic trainer.

When the fitboxe explodes in Rimini no one knows her in Sicily, he specializes and becomes one of the first to teach this discipline of martial arts and bags in the island.​

But to Lussien, which is a real energy cyclone, is not enough, so he approaches other disciplines: choreographic step, spinning and postural until he invented a new activity that intertwines the bike with the functional.

Today in Catania he is fitness manager at the Athletic club, while three times a week teaches impact training (natural movements achieved thanks to the synergistic contraction of several muscle groups). The purpose of this training is to develop a beautiful, harmonious and strong body through exercises that recall the basic functions for wich it was born. In Sicily it is perhaps the only master of this discipline.


​ The only sicilian fit boxing trainer of the Groupboxing Academy IBFF, he left the federation to devote himself to the new format he himself designed , the Functional T.R.D.

This year he will be at Rimini Wellness on the MAF stage from May 30th to June 2nd.

Always present, he arrives 30-40 minutes early, which he uses to study his fitness books or write the series of exercises of the day in his notebooks. While following a guideline, each lesson is different from the others, aimed at overcoming a growing objective.

The music is designed for every workout and he keeps it all right and perfect. Able to follow very large classes, from 30 to 40, no one misses an error.

Finished the lesson, run away to do the others, always loyal to duty as a soldier but still crazy soul of fitness and wellness.

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